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School Visits for Large Groups

(such as assemblies and multiple classes/grade levels)

Presentations for the 2024-2025 school year are centered

around PEG GETS CRACKIN'. Published by Beaming Books.

PEG GETS PLUCKY will be out in spring of 2025.

The Drawing Process

Duration: 45 minutes                       All Grade Levels

This presentation is all about the art! I start with how I decided to pursue art as my career and all the different steps I took to get here. I think humor and humility are great connectors and I share some of the more humorous ideas and mishaps along the way.

Then I show several lots of samples of my art and the different styles for different situations. I like to talk about artists that inspire me and where I come up with my ideas.  I dive into the creation of a character. 

I work on both greeting cards, calendars and picture books so I like to talk about different ways to make a living as an artist. 

I work digitally almost exclusively and I have process videos to show how I take an idea to a sketch to a completed piece of art and discuss how simple changes can completely change the feel of a piece.

I also like to do a live demonstation of a drawing and also a quick touch on some very simple animations. I think kids are more likely to be engaged if they see how things are created. I love to allow time at the end for Q and A.

How to Get Crackin'-the Making of a Book

Duration: 45 minutes                  Grade Levels K-6

I begin each presentation with a brief little bit about myself, and my journey to becoming an author and artist, followed by a reading of PEG GETS CRACKIN' with an accompanying slideshow of the book. From there, I dive into 'how it started' to 'how it's going' scenario.

In this presentation I focus on how a story comes to life.

-Where do ideas come from?

-First draft to completed text

-Patience and perseverence while submitting the story to publishers.

-Working with a publisher to revise and complete the art.

I enjoy using humor to keep things light and fn and I think it's a great connector. I like to engage with the kids with periods of question and answers. I also show the process of creating a character and share some examples of other stories that are in the works. My hope is that by helping kids to learn about how a story becomes a book, that it will encourage kids love of reading.

Smaller Interactive Workshops for
Groups of one or two classes

Breaking Out of Your Shell

Duraction 40-45 minutes              Grades K-2

I start this workshop with a little about myself as an author and an artist. I like to use humor to warm things up and I show some fun samples of humorous art that I've done and some of the silliest book ideas that I've had.

Then we read PEG GETS CRACKIN' and talk abuot what the message is in the book. I like to discuss things in my life that I have been nervous to do or try and how I overcame those fears. 

We will do a little activity where we 'break out of our shells' and we can have a conversation where kids can share things that made them a little nervous and how they handled it.  I have a fun worksheet featuring Peg, and they get to draw a picture of something brave that they've done. In this workshop, I hope to inspire kids to not be afraid to try new things, but also to spark an interest in reading and getting those creative juices flowing. And of course, I always make time for Q and A.

How a Book Becomes a Book

Duracdtion 40-45 minutes                    Grades 3-5

This workshop focuses more on how an idea evolves into a book. I begin with a little about how I became an author and illustrator. I feel that humor is a great way to connect, so I share some funny stories about my journey and some of the sillier picture book ideas I've had.

I do a reading of PEG GETS CRACKIN' and then I go through the process. From where the idea was 'hatched' , to the first draft of the book, to creating the character and then blending it all together to create the finished story. I show examples of picture book 'dummies" that I create to show a publisher what my vision is for the story. I also talk about the rejections that come with submitting an idea to a publisher and how it takes perseverance to get a book made. I love questions about this process and also talk about what a 'publisher ' is because I think that can be confusing. I have a little writing/drawing exercise where the kids get to write or draw an idea that they think could make  a fun book.

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For more information on booking a school viist, please contactd The Booking Tree by clicking on the above image.

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