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Cute vs. Funny

Cute vs. Funny. My next story that I am working on (that I love and makes me giggle a little) is FUNNY. In my opinion anyway. So I have been playing around with character design and first I came up with the gal on the right. Cute. But I just wasnt thrilled with her. She wasn't conveying the feeling (again...funny) that I wanted. I tend to work too tight at times. So, I perused other artists work that I admire and made my self sit down with actual pencil and paper and do quick, scribbly doodles of what I REALLY want this character to look like. I want the character and the action to be exaggerated and sort of slapstick. And THAT word... going to be my inspiration going forward on this story. The gal on the left is SO much closer to what I want! So, in this situation...funny wins. (and she's a little cute too :)

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