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Dogs, dogs and more dogs

I am participating in an illustration challenge that has a prompt each monty. Augusts prompt was 'How to...' I really struggled with what to do. I wanted to do something a little different, but fun and meaningful. I started on several ideas, but just was not feeling inspired. So, I took a walk. Walking is the thing for me that clears my mind and sparks my creativity. Whether it's around the block, or a hike in the mountains. So, I settled once again on my favorite subjects...dogs. Probably partially influenced by the fact that I am dog sitting my daughters dogs while she is on her honeymoon. They are characters and enjoy walks, post-bath zoomies and sleeping in the middle of my bed. (they are thoughtful though. They did leave me with a little bit of a blanket and corner of the bed. Ha!) So, here is my entry for Portfolio Club, as well as photo of Harriet and Walter.

Harriet (the gal on top) and Walter

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