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Folktale Week 2018

Another illustration challenge and this one was really fun. I don't usually work with dark color palettes and this made me explore some new techniques. So the challenge went for one week, with a different prompt word for each day. Here are my contributions.

Prompt word...forest

Prompt word...magic

Prompt word...witch

Prompt word...ghost

Prompt word...insect. Ok, this was a stretch for a 'folktale' idea, but I was short on time AND ideas. But hey, a little humor never hurt anyone!

Prompt word...mirror. Funny, I got really nice responses to this. Even though the art is simple, the message struck a chord.

Prompt word... animal. I used this image of the fun the three bears were having while Goldilocks was ransacking their house :)

This was version 2 of 'animal.' I couldn't decide if I liked day or night better, so I did both and then asked which was the favorite. Night was the winner, which is interesting, because honestly, I preferred the day version. ha!

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1 Comment

Annie Lynn
Annie Lynn
Jan 06, 2019

You are SO FREAKING TALENTED! I think I have an Art crush, lol. Best Wishes. Can't wait to see what you do next! Peace, Annie

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