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Yep. I swore I would never get another puppy. I was going to do a senior rescue...BUT I have grandkids and one of them has had two scary experiences with dogs, so I just wanted to get a dog, whose history I would know and help shape. She is ADORABLE, and sweet and is growing up surrounded by love. Me, my kids, my grandkids, my friends and lots of other dog friends.

She is a rescue. Lab mix of some sort. We live in Colorado, so I think she's going to be a great hiking buddy! Unless there is snow. She's not a big fan. We go out to play, and she will half-heartedly chase her frisbee, but if I say, "Are you ready to go home?" She grabs her frisbee and bolts for the house. When there is snow, she's more of a 'lay by the fire and sleep' kind of gal. And that works too! And yes, I do realize she has eye boogers in almost all of these pictures. I swear I clean them out often!

Her name is Maizy and I adore her. (if you've ever seen the movie Uncle Buck...that's where her name came from . And if you haven't seen's hilarious.)

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