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Pigs, pigs and more pigs...

Are you picking up on a pattern here? Animals rock. So, for the first time I took part in Inktober. I did my work digitally, but I worked in black and white. For someone who is obsessed with color, (I actually have a physical reaction to color I swear!) this was going to be a challenge. But you know....I actually loved it! It made me stretch and try new things. Like how to get different textures from just different pencils and patterns. I loved it. And I decided to use one character.... a pig. There was a different prompt word each day, and I used my same little character to illustratate that prompt. I happen to love drawing pigs, so I figured I would not get tired of these adodrable little chaps, and I was actually a little sad to see Inktober come to an end! (but now I am back on the dog, I will survive. ) To see the whole gang in large form, check out (and follow- wink, wink) my Instagram page jorenfro_illustrator)

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