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Santa Fe

I have been anxious to get to Santa Fe for the last few years and I finally made it! The last time I was there, I was a kid and I was in search of some kitschy souvenirs. There is SO MUCH amazing art there (and good food!) I was only there for two days so I hit the ground running. THe first day, according to my watch, I walked 10 miles to galleries all over the place. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! I LOVE colorful, quirky art and there was a lot of it. Very inspired by the simplisitc folk art pieces so I've been playing around with some of that since I've been back. Day two, I got up and went for a beautiful hike. Only saw maybe three people on the trail and it was wonderful. Mind clearing, and breath taking (literally. Plenty of elevation gain!) Drove down to Madrid in the afternoon, which is a quirky, artsy little town about thirty minutes away. A few pics. The trail (duh) and also these pretty little ground cover flowers. Aren't they cool! So great to get out and about again! Ahhhhhhh!

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